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UK Manufacturers of Rodeo Bulls plus many other Multi-Rides, Simulators and Giant Games

We manufacture in our own UK factory and supply a wide range of leisure products, throughout the world, that are designed and built to the highest standards. All GS products are are robust enough to with stand both indoor and outdoor use, yet are light and compact enough to allow easy transportation, manoeuvering and set up.

Our range of Multi-Rides features Mechanical Bulls, Bucking Broncos, many other animal attachments, Footballs, Rugby Balls, and lots more, including some for Adult Entertainment. Our range of Simulators include Surfboards, Snowboards and Skateboards. For children we have our Junior Multi-Rides featuring Billy Buffalo and our new Baby Dinosaur. We also make and supply many portable Giant Games.

We sell our products through distributors in some countries but export directly to end users in many others worldwide. We would like to appoint further distributors. If your organisation is interested and able to handle our full product range, please contact us.

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